Decoin Is Where Trading Is Exciting


Digital currency exchanges are businesses that allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money, of different digital currencies. They can be market makers that typically take the bid/ask spreads as transaction commissions for their services or simply charge fees as a matching platform.

All over the world we see companies coming up with their own digital currencies. The growing trend which started back in 2013 has sustained itself with. Countries like Venezuela, faced with Economic sanctions have developed their own digital currency. It is the cureency of the future truly, and the market is a booming one.

Despite the woes the digital currency is experiencing, investors’ confidence remains strong as to where the market is heading.

In 2011 alone, there were 5 ICO’s that raised more than 9m and then in 2017, the figure climbed to 211 raising more than 3.7 Billion. This year promises to be an explosion in term of the number of ICO’s and the money that will enter the subsector, great prospects actually.
Traditionally, crypto exchanges have emerged the tool to profit from crypto asset but they are not without some challenges:
  1.  Liquidity problems, like all nascent markets, there is a lack of liquidity in crypto markets        making them difficult to exit at the right price.
  2.  Centralized nature which makes them a target for hackers.
  3.  Clearing and settlement: as cryptocurrencies exist within an unregulated space, clearing and settlement cannot occur through traditional, regulated channels, making clearing and settlement risks abnormally high.
  4.  Lack of technological capability: there are many exchanges operating sophisticated platforms, but by and large they do not offer yhe same quality of technology as the large global groups.


Decoin is a multinational organization with an effective and efficient management team, backed by leading experts in the crypto world who sit on the advisory board.
The Decoin platform is revolutionizing the industry in the sense of the uniqueness its trading platform. The platform will enable liquidity and generate money for both investors and
companies traded on it. The idea is to be able to provide its partners and users with a platform that is without friction, also fast, secure and not expensive trading experience that makes
trading not boring but exciting.

The project aims at having a quick-action easy & simple multicurrency-exchange and trading platform. Another vovel idea here is that monies generated will be shared among holders of the coin. Whatever traders are doing on the platform is completely regulated fully secured and


  1. Security concerns are being addressed – Many layered real time formalities encompasses the trading platform, protecting trades and withdrawals from the exchange, while providing maximum security to the user base.
  2.   It is also resizeable, able to execute up to 1 million match's per second, making D-TEP one of the fastest and most scalable exchanges in the market at present.
  3. It is also innovatory in that it enables users to execute buy/sell orders in a jiffy.
  4. It is revolutionary in that it is the first cryptocurrency platform to make trading coherent and without interruptions, exciting and profitable for their partners and other users.

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