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Having reached just slightly north of 19,000 a pop on December 17, 2017, in something of a feeding frenzy from the month before – seeing the Bitcoin’s value almost quadruple from 5,857.32 on 12 November, Bitcoin,s price retreated and has fallen back to around 7,500 as of today (May 26, 2018). And, that’s no joke. The picture of declining prices from highs has been a similar picture for the Altcoins.

Investor Appetite

All of this, however, does not appear to have dampened investors’ drive to be part of the crypto space. Hundreds of millions of dollars in tokens continue to rake in the big bucks. Just four months into 2o1eight and more than four.eight in funding has already been raised through various token sales so far.

Blockchain is widely considered to be the next disruptive technology. As such, many believe that the crypto space is a high-potential growth area that could provide massive returns of investment. For early adopters of coins like Bitcoin and Ether, it most definitely has.

Your first step into the cryptocurrency world will most likely occur through an exchange and cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to trade their crypto assets, the most common pairings on these are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sticking points around the crypto currency exchange

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise if you look at the big picture, and this has generated much interest evidenced in the hasty “put-up” of exchanges resulting in serious operational hiccups:
Issues of Security: Different platforms have been the victims of internal theft incidents due to lack of supervision.

Insufficient trading market depth: In most situations, individual crypto currencies are traded on multiple exchanges. This reduces market depth on each exchange, causes mismatching of prices, and forces traders to monitor all exchanges for the best price.

Poor trading system / low functional order matching engine: many of the hastily erected exchanges could not satisfy the exponential growth of trading volumes and frequencies. As a result, traders suffered visual delays, server jams or were simply confronted with webpages that simply were not working.

Poor service and user experience: Many of them can’t even react to customers concerns. Exchange operations and customer services could not keep up with the growth in the number of users and trading volumes.

…… Yes, And What Exactly Is Xbrick?

XBrick is building a platform for high quality blockchain-based assets to create a secure, reliable, and efficient global crypto currency exchange. Their exchange is creating the XBrick Coin (XBC).

XBrick (www.xbrick.io) is a global cryptocurrency exchange owned by X Bockchain Pty Ltd, a blockchain technology company. The platform is providing for different languages to users, it supports an automatic ‘know your client’ identity verification procedure, adopts the bank-standard SSL encrypted data transfer and multi-clustered system architecture, and applies the hot/cold storage system for crypto wallet management. The performance is high , able to process more than 2 million orders per second.

It is revolutionizing the exchange ecosystem by building a secure, stable and convenient global crypto currency exchange.

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