Hashkon: A crypto Lending Platform

 Hashkon: A crypto lending platform

Hosted staking is a concept under which you get paid daily interest on your staking. You can stake any coin and get interest on these coins. Frankly speaking, lending is illegal in US and some other countries where as staking is not having such issues yet. So, this is just another way to call lending as staking (hosted one)

Benefits of staking compared to proof of work

People ask why are more coins moving towards PoS? There are two reasons: safety and cost. In order for someone to perform a 51% attack, they would need to buy 51% of the total coins available. With bigger market cap coins, this is no issue unless some dirty billionaire comes along and ruins it for everybody. Cost is the other advantage. No more paying for electricity, no more upgrading your miner with the latest tech every other year. Simply by holding a certain amount of coins, you’ll be able to generate more, without doing anything! That’s the true definition of passive income.

The problem

The sub sector faces a number of challenges like:

  • Non-compliance issues with lending platforms
  • The challenge of people being stuck in ICOs after making an investment and are not allowed withdrawing.
  • Also, people get bogged down after staking their funds and are not allowed to withdraw due to a lock-in period.
  • It can reach three months of lock-in period for small deposits

The Hashkon solution

Hashkon is based on “Hosted Staking” concept which although recognized in the crypto world, it is not usually the focal point of a platform. What Hashkon is doing is actually taking the concept to the next level of trust, with reasonable returns.

What you have with similar ICOs is that they focus on the concept of lending and trading but this project is different in that it has taken on the challenge to come up with a different concept to assure that an ICO investment doesn’t mean that you are always at risk of losing something.
With the ICO launch, Hashkon will provide its investors 6 million coins out of the 28 million maximum supply, also tackling the issue of legal regulations imposed by governments by adopting a new feature that is compliant/safe and beyond the gambit of annoying, meddling government agencies.

Hashkon has the world’s first withdrawal trust feature, giving investors the freedom to withdraw from the ICO and get their money back instantly any time during the ICO.

Lock-in free period is another feature that gives investors an added advantage because they are able to withdraw their funds without any compulsory lock-in period, apart from the initial 7 days, different from similar staking platforms. Investors are allowed to withdraw their staked funds at any time with even the lowest deposits qualified for withdrawals whenever needed.

The platform also offers daily payments to its members regardless of the size of the deposit and gives up to 55% monthly bonus under the platinum plan. This indeed is unprecedented in the industry.

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