Trend: Making Business a Rewarding Adventure

Trend: Making Business a Rewarding Adventure

Digital assets content and distribution and consumption are an industry that is wholly dependent on service providers and clients who create the work of business. In this age of the internet of things, and the increased use of electronic media and connected devices, it has become very crucial for the Service Providers to have their work on the net, available for people to buy and use or showcase directly from the online showcasing platforms. Those who don’t have a company or business backing them are forced to find their own ways to distribute the services they create.

While the online process has made it easy for the Service Providers to make their work available to those who need, they come with a cost in the form of huge fees on the sales made. These charges vary from around 15% to 40% for service use. The charges on most of the showcasing services are even more than that.

This creates a situation where Service Providers are forced to choose between increasing the cost of their work or leave it for lesser pay. If they choose to hike the price, there is the risk of people not patronizing their work which could as well mean that they may not make any money at all, the worse of it all.

Then there are middlemen, in the form of showcasing services, online advertisers and other content distribution platforms have become a vital part of the business industry.
Platforms are being designed in an attempt to address these problems but, none of these conventional platforms are designed keeping the best interests of the Service Providers or the users in mind.
Business owners are not spared and have their own issues ranging from higher prices, low frequency of new content updates, lack of fresh talents, geographical barriers for accessibility and payment , among other problems.
 Also, the use of fiat payment is a serious sticking issue.

The Trend Network as a Solution

The team at TREND NETORK is creating an ecosystem that can serve the interest of both the Service Providers and Clients. The platform built over Ethereum protocol makes use of smart
contracts for automation and provides an easy and cost-effective way to sell and showcase services.

Quite different from existing platforms, TREND NETWORK blends a simple but efficient user interface that allows the users to browse and see services just the way they have been doing on traditional services platform. There is also a multi cryptocurrency and fiat support that makes the platform even easier for the users.

It is incorporating the decentralized application model into the business industry.  A situation where people had to rely upon third party centralized platforms and with such a model comes intermediaries who charge an extra huge commission which reduces the earnings of the Service Providers is taken out completely. With the use of blockchain and smart contracts within TREND NETWORK it is possible for the platform to overcome all the challenges common in the industry.

Service Providers also have the freedom to upload their work and set their own pricing, it encourages more people, both big and small to register on the platform and start selling
services. As the platform makes it easier for providers to sign up, the choice of services available for clients is virtually endless.

In addition, TREND NETWORK also has introduced the Global DAO where users of the platform can vote the best services, and get to know new ones based on the others’ votes. By utilizing decentralized hosting, the project also combats censorship by governments and other entities which may otherwise end up taking down content to align with their religious, political or personal agendas. 

There is always the problem of hacking but the features present make the platform hack-proof. It also ensures transparency and accountability through the Network’s ledger which keeps record of all transactions.

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