Building A value-based Business Through VEIAG

 Building A value-based Business Through VEIAG

Imagine a world that creates opportunities for the wellness of people, planet, and all living things. At Veiag, the team uses something called “value-based business imperatives” to represent their role in the world that we dream of- the world at its best, most sustainable and equitable state.

Value based business reinforce our belief that the corporation is the most powerful global institution in the world today, and that the role of business in society is one of the most important levers for change. These imperatives translate into objectives and strategies that could take 25, 40 or even 50 years to achieve. That’s generally not the kind of timeframe within which business is comfortable thinking. But that’s what makes the pursuit of global imperatives so challenging, so important. Fulfilling them requires a complicated mix of a long-term commitments, cooperation with other businesses and NGOs, ongoing education and development, and looking systematically at everything they do.

That difficult because we live in world that compartmentalizes almost everything, from business opportunities to environmental problems. None of the issues included in the global imperatives can be solved with a mind that looks at the world in a deconstructed manner.

The development of value-based business imperatives began with a question: what is Veiag uniquely able to do that lies at the heart of their beliefs about the purpose and possibility of the type of long-term, widespread positive impact that this question implies is close to zero, unless the process of exploring and attempting to answer the question is as intentional as the development and pursuit of sales and earning goals.
The question was the start of their process. They created a working document that provided imperatives that were scary, inspiring, hopeful, impossible, and awesome all at the same time, but were designed to change the way we do business.

As a business they are committed to being educators and to encouraging those they educate to create with them a world of equity and justice, health and well-being. To achieve this they must create a world of more conscious workers, citizens, and consumers. They are also committed to creating a world that is rich in value as contrasted to a world that is rich in artifacts, based on the belief that their business and all businesses should engage in the personal development of everyone who works for them. Ensuring that globally, natural resources are used and renewed at a rate that is always below their rate of depletion.

Veiag are committed to creating a business where all their products’ raw materials, byproducts, and the processes by which they are made are not just sustainable but restorative, and enhance the potential of all of life’s systems.

What exactly is Veiag Doing?

It is committed to the development and execution of a business model that is value-based. The carrying out of business here is in line with universal principles on labour, human rights, environment and anti-corruption.
The Veiag platform seeks to reduce the chance of corruption in business management and build a system that is established on communal social foundation thereby encouraging sustainable ecosystem in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals.
Practically, it will encourage and strengthen supply networks, identify prospective business opportunities, increase the value of social obligations, also increase the value of project sustainability and augment token holder relations through transparent, corruption free and ethical profits. This is the idea of value-based business imperatives.

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