Aitheon : A Hybrid Human-AI Digital Ecosystem

Aitheon : A Hybrid Human-AI Digital Ecosystem 

Artificial intelligence and robotics are two “overnight successes” that have been decades in the making, and their intersection will soon change a multitude of industries. The evolution of smarter AI and more versatile robotics has helped both technologies to push past repetitive tasks to take on adaptive and more intelligent applications. Recently, we've gone from fairly rudimentary AIs to AIs that can beat humans in sophisticated boards games and make decisions we are not capable of. These AIs have also become invaluable to BigData processing especially in the financial industry where billions of dollars worth of financial transactions can be processed in a fraction of a second. 

In the coming years, the result will be nothing short of revolutionary paradigm shifts. The impending age of smarter robotics will certainly have a profound impact on traditional manufacturing; companies such as Microsoft and oracle have already made huge strides in helping develop the cognitive, connected factory. At the same time, AI-infused robots will also begin to industries that haven't employed intelligent machines so far. This will create interesting scenarios in areas of productivity, safety, service, transportation, companionship and even habitation.
So, where will we feel the disruptive presence of hyper - intelligent automation first? 

Statement of The Problem 

All across sectors of the society, in every part of the world, there is the urgent call for organizations, be they governmental, non governmental or profit oriented, to streamline, modernize, increase efficiency and reduce cost. Automation tools at this moment are not good enough to achieving these goals.

Also, the possibility of AI and robots replacing humans, worry stakeholders ; the problem of unemployment which will stir social and political unrest is a big issue and commentators are already speculating whether governments will levy taxes to provide for displaced workers. 

Aitheon Comes with a Solution 

This is a unique platform in that it brings together AI, smart devices with real and virtual robots on one hand and human experts thereby bringing about a solution that cuts down costs, increases productivity, and does away with herculean work. This does not in any way eliminate human creativity, meaningful work that they do best.

By bringing together AI and robotics in a user-friendly environment, business processes can be automated in a single, simple platform and so, remove the problems of time wasting, complicated and multiple systems that are often required in business. 

Blockchain powered Aitheon tokens and smart contracts enable frictionless exchange of value across the platform and this increases efficiency. Other includes :
  • It's simple, requiring no special technical knowledge for its users.
  • It saves cost as it automates labor - intensive back-end processes. 
  • The technology is up-to-date because of its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) approach. 
  • Inefficiencies are done away with because it uses its own tokens and human participants are instantly paid. 

Aitheon tokens will disintermediate all settlement on the platform and facilitate the instantaneous exchange of values regardless of geographical location. These tokens are earned as rewards for weighing on conflicts issued by the AI when an AI-driven device (robot, driverless car, cloud cluster) needs assistance. This conflict is then resolved by miners through an innovative variation of proof of performance consensus protocol.

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