Cryptassist - The Ultimate Solution For The crypto World

Cryptassist: The Ultimate Solution For The Crypto world

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are here to say and there’s not much that Wall Street can do to stop its sustained growth. In fact, one can safely say that the bold trader or investor will find it much easier to make fortune from cryptocurrencies than from investments in traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

In the last couple of years, cryptocurrency trading has started garnering mainstream attention because of its latent potential to reward traders with impressive gains that dwarfs the performance of Wall Street assets.

In fact, the growth in cryptocurrency trading is now setting it up on course to be a serious discipline on par with traditional, forex, options, and stock trading. If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to improve your odds of trading success by taking advantage of essential tools and information sources.

The Cryptassist Ecosystem

The cryptassist ecosystem was designed to make the cryptocurrency world easy for everyone, whether they are experts or novices. The belief of the brains behind this project is that cryptocurrencies needs to be useful to everyone in everyday activities by offering all the crypto tools on a single easy to use platform. This will save their energy and effort. There will be a number of tools and services that will send personalized notifications to users who have distinguished profiles, objectives or investment strategies. Access to these tools and notifications will be through CTA – cryptassist.
Take for instance, the Multi-coin Block explorer which permits users to enter one of the numerous coins’ public addresses into one search bar instead of having to search for separate block explorers for each coin.

Whatever you are in need of – trading and arbitrage alerts, investigating upcoming ICOs, looking for crypto related talent, comparing trading pairs, needing news at the moment it is published, or maybe you would just like to relax with an augmented reality game of cryptoGo, cryptassist is definitely your one-stop destination for anything crypto related. Even an OTC exchange is included, as well as a fully licensed spot exchange with discounted fees for Cryptassist holders.

The features of the ecosystem include:

  •  Debit card allows you to spend the top fifty cryptocurrencies in any part of the world where Visa and MasterCard are in use.
  • CryptoGo is a free supplemented reality app where those using it can search, locate and get physical incentives.
  • Cryptstarter is a new idea in cryptocurrency crowdfunding that helps users to raise money for projects.
  • Exchange is a completely licensed site exchange that offers complete cryptocurrency trading at an affordable rate for CTA trades.
  • Multi-coin Block Explorer does away with the use of many blockchain explorers to search the transaction histories of multiple coins.
  • ChatPay is a social messaging and online payment system operating on a decentralized network.
  • Philanthropy innovation creates an avenue for users to donate to nonprofit organizations in either fiat or the top fifty cryptocurrencies.
  • Arbitrage opportunities Alerts gives users alets when selected coins exhibit certain prices on some exchanges.
There are many other features with the cryptassist platform which makes it unique and revolutionary plus the fact that cryptassist will convert a DAG based algorithm in order to stay ahead in the crypto world.

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