CyClean: Preserving our ecosystem.

CyClean: Preserving our ecosystem.

Car exhaust fumes contain certain poisonous chemicals, including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, benzene and soot, all of which can be detrimental to the human body if consistently inhaled in large quantities.

The vast majority of vehicles need oil/gas to power its engines, allowing certain mechanical and chemical reactions to occur and run the vehicle. All that stuff that goes on under the hood of a car releases a mixture of gases and suspended particles, which we collectively refer to as exhaust gas.

Exhaust fumes are notorious for being unhealthy both for humans and the environment, due to the presence of certain chemical substances that are all too well known for being harmful to humans. They are also considered as one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution.

Current solution

 Long term solution requires reduced combustion of all kinds. While vehicles with new energy sources such ethanol, biofuels, propane and natural gas can contribute to reduce air pollution, their benefit is limited if vehicle use continues at current intensities. If you pay more money to buy a hybrid car, but drive it more, you have contributed little to solving air pollution problems.

The problem with all alternative fuels is that the manufacture of fuels requires energy, distribution with a manufacturing infrastructure that consumes energy, often derived from burning fossil fuels. No alternative fuel is ideal.

The solution with CyClean

The products of this project are connected to a wireless network so that its GPS and energy production can be monitored and connected with CyClean common server. Its then permitted to mine the platform’s coins based on how it is used. It blocks out those misusing it because it knows precisely CyClean products such as average speed or average energy production rates.

For users, the idea is straightforward. By riding CyClean vehicle over certain distance, its owners and those who have rented to use, will be rewarded with CyClean coin green emission. Bikes and vehicles here are electric. This strategy will ensure that more of exhaust fumes will be replaced and more promotions will be encouraged for clean energy and green sports. This effort will be sustained and carried to a large scale and term transformations for green revolution.

Concretely, the idea is broken down into the following: the team will develop a whole green electric vehicle or an environmentally friendly product such as indoor bike or wearable band. Another thing to be done is to ensure the product is supplied and then upgraded with a chip that can connect to CyClean server and track meters travelled. Also, a centralized CyClean server is linked to the product because of the possibility of it functioning wireless.

The platform intends to save our environment and also the health of people and other living organisms. Achieving this will be done through a team with the requisite experience and discipline and recognized top advisors in blockchain and cryptocurrency. A marketplace is introduced on the platform with CyClean coin where CyClean vehicles are rented with CyClean coins.

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