Darico: A Seamless Payment Ecosystem for Cryptocurrencies

Darico: A Seamless Payment Ecosystem for Cryptocurrencies

 In the past few years, the crypto market has channeled the interest of investors, entrepreneurs and companies and has influenced them to invest in different variations of cryptocurrencies and there has been a large market capitalization of the crypto market, but despite these successes there still issues to confront. The market faces major issues associated with structural, functional, security and regulation.

One of the major issues that confront the market is excess volatility and liquidity issues. Exchange platforms for cryptocurrencies experience drastic swings in cryptocurrency prices, often caused by larger players. For example, individuals with large holdings, swing the market to manipulate cryptocurrency prices by buying a ‘buy and sell wall’ strategy. They open a crypto trading platform with a ‘buy position’ to stir up the interest of investors. Once the price of cryptocurrencies favors the big players, they cash in on the price and the fluctuations have also been attributed to lack of regulation and oversight as well as time and value gaps from trading crypto to fiat and reversing them back again.

Outdated technology also affects the trading of cryptocurrencies. Although, cryptocurrencies involve innovative technology, the existence of outdated technology on exchanges restricts the operations of crypto. Pump and dump schemes are critical issues that confront the industry.
Another challenge that the crypto market faces is cybercriminal activity. Hackers and cybercriminals are active on the crypto market and engage in hacking the wallets of traders and investors.

The Darico Platform

The Darico platform is an idea purposely for people to be able to keep a watch, trade, invest and spend their various types of cryptocurrencies fast, effectively and with ease. The platform is a user-friendly investment tools which enable investors to make informed cryptocurrency investment decisions.

With an increase in the technology and services in the Ecosystem,  and an equivalence in the Darico community, views and opinions will be shared and responded to. This will create an active ecosystem.

Darico Terminal

Very central to the Darico Ecosystem is the Darico Terminal, which is a central place that gives users all the information they need to make investment decisions with confidence. The Terminal will be available to all Coin-holders of the Darico Ecosystem who will pay a paltry sum on a monthly basis to be able to access news,analysis and charts about the cryptocurrency markets and the latest ICOs.

Conveyance and How it Functions

One may submit that the Darico Terminal is one of the most exciting and promising parts of the
Darico Ecosystem, as it provides timely, accurate and trusted information, and seamlessly integrates with the Darico Wallet and the Darico Exchange, giving rise to an effective tool for users to store their coins, monitor their portfolios, and quickly place their trades in a volatile market. Every minute is important on this platform.
In addition, the Darico Terminal will give access to third party expert analysis on tokens that currently are traded in the market to help users make informed investment decisions. The selected analysts will examine the substance backing each token, including examining their
leadership teams’ backgrounds, qualifications and past achievements.

The Darico Debit Card: A practical solution to illiquidity

The challenge of illiquidity associated with the crypto market will be solved with Darico debit. Coin-holders on this platform will eventually be able to use cryptocurrencies for everyday fiat transactions by using the Darico Debit Card. The Debit Card solution linked with the Darico Wallet will instantly exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency to enable the use of DEC and other cryptocurrencies as payment for purchases priced in fiat currencies.

 Darico Exchange

The Darico Exchange will give individuals, institutions, professional investors and traders the access to trade, deposit and withdraw a number of the most popular cryptocurrencies.
Also, users will be able to transfer fiat funds in and out between the Exchange and bank accounts or payment cards in the name of account holders.

The Illiquidity Challenge

The process of withdrawing gains from trading platforms or changing them to fiat is mostly complex. The service is mostly not available or, when it is available, the conversion process can take many days to finish. The issue is being solved by having fiat wallets integrated into the Exchange platform to allow users to make conversions from crypto to fiat and vice versa.

Lack of Regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges

The above issues are made more difficult by the fact that the vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges are completely unregulated. Darico will address this fundamental issue by setting up an Exchange in Gibraltar. Gibraltar leads the way in the regulation of blockchain businesses.

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