GigTricks: A Freelance And On-Demand Ecosystem

GigTricks: A freelance and on-demand ecosystem

The gig economy is revolutionizing the worldwide economy and the way we think about employment. More people are taking control of their working lives, whether that’s earning some side income, using a gig marketplace, or building a career from freelance, temporary work. The idea of a job for life now feels like a quaint relic – increased work mobility, technological changes, and shifts in how we see employment are all fuelling the massive upsurge in self employment. Businesses are adapting too, using freelancers, gig workers, and on-demand workforce to help them meet the challenges of the modern marketplace.
Whether you’re a dabbler in the gig economy, a part-time income earner, or you have a career built around freelancing, it’s vital to understand how the gig economy is changing.

The percentage of people working in the Gig Economy

According to Intuit, the percentage of Americans in the gig economy was 34% in 2016, and is expected to grow to 43% by 2020. Consulting firm McKinsey says that there currently around 68 million freelancers or self-employed in the US, with around 4 million Americans providing work through gig marketplaces like Lyft or Airbnb. There are many reasons for the shift to gig and freelance work. For many, low median incomes and increased living and housing costs necessitate a secondary income. Older freelancers are using freelance and gig earnings to supplement their savings and pension plans, with only 14% enrolled in retirement savings plans through an employer.

The attitude of Gig Economy workers

A significant majority of freelance and gig workers enjoy their work. The Intuit and Linkedln survey suggests a highly-satisfied freelancers and gig economy workers: 50%, satisfied freelancers and gig economy workers: 17%, dissatisfied freelancers and gig economy workers: 23%, other:10%
According to Forbes, 81% of on-demand workers plan to continue working in the gig economy. Nearly half of them plan to increase their freelance hours, while a third intend to work about as much. 63% of people are freelancing by choice, rather than necessity.

Challenges of the Freelance Ecosystem

From the outside looking in, the life of a freelancer looks so inviting, so beckoning. You’re in control of your own destiny, you decide when to work and for how long. But is it that simple, could it be so straightforward?
  • Chasing pay: begin a conversation with a freelancer about the good, the bad and the ugly and one aspect that so many agree on is the constant aggravation in getting accounts departments to pay up.
  • Lack of security: no such benefits like Christmas bonus, sick pay, paid holiday leave, health benefits and insurance cover.

The client faces the risk of meeting unprofessional and ill-behaved freelancers who could delay the delivery of products or services until they are paid extra fees.
Freelancers face the problem of cost because they register with freelancing websites that charge them. These charges are well above 15% in most cases.

Why GigTricks

The objective of the project is to create the world’s first 360 degree freelance and on-demand ecosystem which will be reliable and earn the confidence of many. The team by creating this platform is contributing in the fight against recession as it opens up opportunities for people of talents so they locate the gigs, work from home, get money and spend on their consumer needs boosting the economy. Leveraging on the blockchain technology, all activities including review and skill ratings will be confirmed within the unchangeable system. This will guarantee that nothing is actually a counterfeit. There is a GigTricks marketplace, connecting entrepreneurs with freelancers across the world so that buyers can hire professionals to trade services between each other by using GigBit token. GigTricks social is a strategy to stimulate purposeful interaction that leads to professional benefits.

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