HEROIC.com: Cybersecurity Powered By Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain

HEROIC.com: Cybersecurity Powered By Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain

Organizations face many threats to their information systems and data. Understanding all the basic elements to cyber security is the first step to meeting those threats. One may think cybersecurity as a specialized, niche career – not a skill that the average person should learn about. But that’s not the case. In an age where we manage more and more of our lives digitally, it means that anyone – in any career – should know simple things about keeping security up to par. At work, this will help companies maintain robust protocols. At home, it will help you protect your own information.  The fragility of the information world we now live in also demands strong cyber security controls.

Fusion of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence

AI is another term that seems to be at the tip of everyone’s tongues these days. Deep learning algorithms that make advanced machine learning a reality, Big Data as service models that make analytics affordable for businesses of all scales and sizes, and liberal IT budgets allocated for AI projects – all mean that AI is an important part of the every enterprise. So, it was only a matter of time before the two forces were expected to fuse together and create a potential solution for the seemingly indomitable problem of cybercrime: automated cybersecurity.

Problem with the current cybersecurity solutions

The solutions we have in the industry at present are not sufficient in keeping pace with the evolving number and intelligence of the threats attacking our systems. The traditional signature-based threat detection systems we easily fall back to can no longer suffice when it comes to detecting new threats. This conventional solution is only effective in situations where the threat vector is known and signatures are fully updated.  What we need now is a truly revolutionary solution at tackling these threats and hence HEROIC.

The solution with HEROIC

It is an ecosystem that is meant to confront current and future cyber threats leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain. This is a new way of approaching cyber security because attacks are becoming more sophisticated. The idea here is to make use of big data, artificial intelligence and the blockchain, all fused a decentralized peer-to-peer threat protection platform. The aim is to make available these solutions to everyone who needs it.
HEROIC will allow and create an incentive package for developers and companies to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity via the HEROIC.com revolutionary environment. The incentive package is the blockchain technology and the use of HEROIC.com’s cryptocurrency – hero.
The HEROIC system is made up of key components of:
  1. A decentralized cyber threat intelligence platform called HEROIC Arc Reactor
  2. A cloud-based unified threat management system called HEROIC Guardian, and
  3. A research and development environment for developers to develop and test their own algorithms on a secure, hosted platform.

The belief is that bringing cyber threat data and coordinating it with artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology is actually what represents AI-powered cybersecurity. The target is to eventually have the platform’s token –hero become a standard used throughout the entire industry and worldwide to guarantee security, privacy and trust.

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