HyperQuant: A Revolutionary Fintech Ecosystem

HyperQuant: A Revolutionary Fintech Ecosystem

A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. It was originally developed as an accounting method for the virtual currency Bitcoin, blockchains are appearing in a variety of commercial applications today.

Without doubt, the most popular application and the launchpad for cryptocurrency into the global economy is the financial industry. The issue with today’s banking systems, as sophisticated as they are compared to decades past, is that they lack inclusion and fairness. Interest rates and transactions are heavily lopsided in favor of financial companies, and customers gain little from their interactions with banks.

The situation is made worse when one notes that banking services are absolutely necessary. Individuals are forced into unfair deals. Additionally, there are billions in the world who have no access to a bank at all, which is an even worse circumstance to be in.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain can universally rectify the situation. With a smartphone and an internet connection, both of which are widely available, anyone can bank, start a business and receive payments. With incorruptible ledgers and no centralized authority for oversight, financial services on the blockchain would place power back in the hands of individuals, offering solutions without exorbitant interest rates and middleman fees. Experts in the banking industry even suggests that up to $20 billion can be saved by eliminating infrastructure and middleman costs.

Problems in the current Centralized financial systems

The centralized financial systems as we have today are plagued by the a myriad of problems including a lack of transparency, close-ended structures with all the attendant issues that accompany such a structure, and control system involved in transferring funds that is largely dependent on the whims and disposition of third-parties

With the introduction of the blockchain technology, some of the concerns were addressed but then a complete set of concerns arose. These include:

  1. The issue of volatility in the cryptocurrency market as it relates to the price.
  2. The inability of most token holders to manage the risks very well.
  3. The scam that pervades the market every now and then, so you have in abundance untrustworthy coins and altcoins.
  4. The problem of illiquidity that is common with many exchanges.

HyperQuant as a solution

HyperQuant is a unique ecosystem for the creation of financial services with the use of blockchain technology and Artificial intelligence. It addresses the above concerns with in-house developed, but open-source mechanisms for contract realization that leverages years of industry experience. The platform also provides a cutting-edge system for algorithmic trading, with all the inherent advantages, a layer with a rating system, AI for the purpose of managing a varied number of platform elements, and integrated solutions for retail and corporate users through an application layer.
The uniqueness of the ecosystem extends to areas like risk management by using artificial intelligence which learns on the data gathered from users of the platform. The platform also providing an avenue for users to use its tokens inside the platform – creating an internal economy.
With these features, HyperQuant is set to finally deliver the FinTech solution the world has sorely been waiting for.

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