Jiojiome - An Ads Ecosystem

JiojioMe – An Ads Ecosystem

Nearly half the world’s access the internet through mobile devices, and about 63% of the budget for global digital ads is expected to be spent on mobile this year, according to an infographic by data-driven full-service agency connex Digital.

In short, a lot of people are looking at their mobile devices, and a lot of marketers are spending a lot of money on catching mobile user’s attention with ads. The infographic lists some of the top trends in mobile advertising that marketers should keep an eye on.

Many of these tactics have been used successfully for desktop digital ads, and now marketers are expanding to mobile as well. For example, native advertising, programmatic advertising, and remarketing will become even more popular mobile advertising trends in the near future, the graphic predicts.

Problems of the digital media

What’s really startling about the media revolution is how well “old media” has held up. Time Inc. is still the biggest magazine publisher, network TV still tops the ratings and Disney still dominates children’s entertainment.

Know your clients - One of the most frustrating things for marketers about Digital Media is how little new media professionals know about the traditional media that makes up nearly 90% of advertising activity.

Know your consumers – one of the major barriers to bigger display budgets for Digital Media is a lack of data about audiences, especially digital video. While the number of views is easy to count, there is very little understanding about who is viewing, their psychographic characteristics, product consumption preferences, etc.

How precise to Target – in Digital media, ads can be shown to only those that are targeted. While that can prevent wastage, it can also exclude viable consumers and influencers. 

JCASH and JiojioMe

JiojioMe was launched on 31 December 2017 and is based in Singapore. The network provides a platform where retailers and consumers meet and interact and get rewarded for actively participating with the JCASH tokens, discount vouchers and deals at food and beverage shops and entertainment centers across Singapore.

It is a social lifestyle mobile application where one can “jio” (invite/add) friends, post updates about your activities, feelings, photos and gather together through common interests or hobbies! The more active you are on the app, the more JCASH rewards you can receive. JCASH is a practical cryptocurrency that can be used in Singapore. 

It is also the first ever innovative social media mobile application to incorporate blockchain based smart-contract functionality via JCASH tokens. The platform connects people with the same hobbies and thoughts (H.A.T.) within a range of 20km.

This is an interest based app that is free and downloadable on iOS and Android, with no subscription fees, also enabling seamless interactions between users and merchants through the JCASH ecosystem, a blockchain based technology.

The uniqueness of this platform lies in the fact that its users can share updates with their friends, make reviews, and message contacts, while being rewarded for activity with JCASH. While that is happening, advertisers and retailers can spend JCASH to connect directly with targeted, interested users, who can then use the JCASH to offset retail and service expenditure.

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