Parq: Creating Smart Cities

Parq: Creating Smart Cities

Over half of humankind, lives nowadays in cities and by 2030 this figure will rise to 60%. Cities have a big mobility, energy and pollution problems that lowers the quality of life.

A 35% travel during rush hours looking for free parking spots that are hard to find. That’s why parking is very important to regulate vehicle’s flow and reduce atmospheric pollution. New autonomous, connected and electric vehicle will show up as intruders in parking that will have to adapt to this new reality.

Cities therefore must turn into gentle, smart and efficient places and evolve to become smart cities. Regarding mobility it should imply:
  • Improve infrastructure and public transport flow.
  • Availability of dynamic systems to guide the traffic towards its final destination, the parking.
  • Promote the use of autonomous, connected, electric, smart and non-polluting vehicles to reduce traffic, noise and pollution.
  • Get a more effective and ecological parking that allows the driver to find the free parking space quickly, safely and with the minimal energy consumption.

The Challenges Ahead

The biggest challenge confronting drivers at present is the constant search and paying excessively for parking lots. Most of the time, they can’t find such parking lots and they are also unable to book space ahead. There is also the problem of inter-city congestion. These have resulted in increased costs in monetary value and time expended.

Obsolete Systems

The lack of modern equipment such as Internet of Things devices, universal software systems and clear communication directly contributes to an increase in congestion and driver frustration as well as inconsistent pricing rates.

The Parq Ecosystem

The Parq is an Ecosystem which will be used on the Ethereum blockchain because of the inherent advantage of its ability to host smart contracts. The technology will enable the team to draft up unchangeable and permanent agreement between local communities or cities, companies and consumers.
Also added to the smart contracts, are a pricing list so that upon the agreed time, drivers will never be made to pay above what was stated in the agreement.

Parq’s Global Solution

The platform is actually created for the purpose of improving obsolete and ancient infrastructures in cities. The goal here is to simplify day-to-day activities for anyone involved in the bust and bustle of city life. The platform’s parking application is known as minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the team intends to renovate it and include new features like real-time information on the situation of traffic at a given time, information on congestion and, most importantly, a control system that help drivers locate the nearest and cheapest parking lot.
With time, the team will provide Global dashboards for companies, parking garages, municipalities, emergency services and consumers. They will also remove intermediaries by the Parq Parking cloud. This will ensure affordable rates and fees that drivers will pay.

The provided dashboards will be connected to different city solutions which will concentrate and depend entirely on IoT integrations and smart car technology. Data related to traffic will be gathered and the App will give users a constant flow of accurate and real-time solutions in the streets, while local Governments and cities can use the data to combat congestion.
Just in a matter of time and we will see every car become a smart car because companies are already investing in the Internet of Things.

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