ShipIt: Freight Services on the Blockchain

ShipIt: Freight Services on the Blockchain

The courier industry has been growing so fast in the past few years. Many firms have joined the industry, but many more have quit because of the challenges one is bound to experience. Parcel delivery companies experience a host of problems in their service delivery. The goal of any firm is to make the most amount of money in the shortest time possible. However, for most courier companies, this objective is far from being accomplished.

There exists also a general uncertainty about whether a document is delivered/collected on time every time. Most delivery companies maintain their records in delivery books or files. This manual system of managing deliveries often results to poor coordination of deliveries and collections. Manual systems, apart from wasting a lot of time, lead to weak audit trails for deliveries.

Another issue is that direct and indirect overheads relating to document collections and deliveries are quite phenomenal.

Great Prospects Ahead

The identified challenges notwithstanding, the international market of courier and parcel delivery services is developing constantly and giving huge revenue to the companies involved. The annual growth is around 1% and there is high expectation of increased demand for courier services, because of globalization which has given many people access to the internet, rural-urban Migration is also on the rise, fuelling urban population growth. Access to the internet gives people the avenue to order goods online at e-stores, buy flight tickets and do other things.
So, business activities are on the increase and many companies are going to resort to shipping. The market is one with great prospects almost 3 million employees in 600,000 companies, with a total market size of more than $230 bln.

The Idea of ShipIt

The team at ShipIt is developing an idea and designing a concept that will revolutionize the courier service and solve the numerous problems plaguing the industry.

The idea here is to create an ecosystem that brings senders and travelers together irrespective of location, via a mobile app. The project provides a solution that is cheap, quick and dependable, but it also gives you the opportunity to earn additional money as you travel. The often complex process associated with the delivery system is simplified through a delivery chain so that luggage is managed efficiently. Good to note that the cost effectiveness policy applies to all locations, no matter the distance.

The ShipIt project represents great ideas, international best practices of courier, crowdsource – a sourcing model in which individuals or organizations obtain goods and services, crowdshipping – another revolution whereby everyday drivers turn into micro DHL or UPS couriers. The sharing economy enables new ways of transportation by connecting those who need parcel deliveries with those who are on the road.

Just as Uber and BlaBlacar have revolutionized the transportation industry and have become a part of our daily lives, ShipIt is going to replicate same in the shipping sub-sector and become an indispensable tool as far as shipping items is concerned.
 The app uses smart contracts and blockchain architecture to make life better irrespective of where you live.

The blockchain technology being used here will guarantee transparency and safety and by using crypto wallet, limitations of cash transactions will be completely removed.

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