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Obtaining financing for a business can be extremely difficult, especially when first starting out. Banks are reluctant to lend money to new businesses, and potential investors may steer clear of budding entrepreneurs. So, the biggest challenge facing startups is funds’ accessibility. Lack of proper funding will prevent good initiatives, a talented team of people, and excellent methodologies from ever reaching their true potential. Initial coin offerings or ICOs have helped a large number of people around the world to carry out and execute their forward-thinking and ambitious startup venture ideas. Businesses can get access to initial funding through different types of cryptocurrencies.


An ICO is basically a crypto and blockchain based initial public offering. You can refer to ICOs also as IPCOs – Initial public coin offerings.
In recent weeks, companies were able to raise as much as 1oo million dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency within just a few hours. An unbelievable deal which is impossible in traditional business angel or venture capital financing. An ICO has become the easiest way today to raise outside funding by selling equity.

But there are problems, and many have suggested that the biggest problem of an ICO is the lack or regulation. However, the lack of regulation might not be the largest problem. The problem is rather the lack of company valuations and evaluation. Tiny teams of as much as two or three founders are able to raise millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies within a few hours without showing any prototype, real product, market validation, great team, nor knowledge.

The majority of ICO tokens are launched without integration to any cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, ICOs tokens don’t have the ability to automatically generate smart contracts on blockchain technology based on the business idea of start-up businesses around the world. The core development team associated with different projects don’t provide expert advice in the area of digital strategy. They will provide generalized advice on different digitalization strategies. Popular token providers provide buyers with no access to the hot and cold wallets.

Introducing SPRINTX

It is a user-friendly platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology for start-ups to develop new business ideas. With the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access, this platform will open up the potential of the cryptocurrency market.

SprintX will accommodate the development of new ICOs, automatically integrating tokens to SwitchX exchange using SprintX. This will enable startups and the general public to participate in the launch and promotion of ICOs within a single and seamless ecosystem. Users of this platform will get complete access for using cold and hot wallets built for storage and trading different cryptocurrency in a user-friendly manner. Personal advice will be provided by experienced and dexterous professionals and experts to the users for the systematic development and expansion of their business idea. They will also be afforded complete access to different well-planned and executed digital strategies.  

SprintX platform plans  to support small or big business initiatives with the primary aim of promoting the massive adoption of cryptocurrency through its user-friendly SwitchX exchange platform. Blockchain and smart contracts can easily be created by entrepreneurs and startups around the world using this platform

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