DealJoy: Connecting Online Shoppers And Merchants

DealJoy: Connecting Online Shoppers And Merchants

For private consumers around the world, the most well known form of e-commerce falls into the business to consumer (B2C) category which includes online retail or online shopping, It refers to online purchases from bricks-and-mortar retailers, such as Walmart, as well as from web-only  retailing corporations such as (biggest online retailer) or Rakuten. In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online. During the same year, global e-retail sales amounted to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars and projections show a growth of up to 4.48 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021. In Asia Pacific, e-retail sales accounted for 12.1 percent of retail sales in 2016 but only for 1.8 percent of retail sales in the Middle East and Africa. In recent years, mobile shopping has been on the rise, with customers increasingly using their mobile devices for various online shopping activities.


The e-commerce boom has certainly changed the way we shop for the better. But, like everything else, the world of online shopping is not all roses. Despite all the effects of e-commerce companies to alleviate them, there are a few problems that customers still have to face them. There are a few problems that customers still have to face while shopping online: Delivery and logistics –while all e-commerce sites have order tracking systems for their customers, they aren’t always accurate. 

Additional charges – this is commonplace on all e-commerce sites when your order amount isn’t high enough to qualify for free shipping. And even when it is, sometimes these shipping charges are added on each individual product. Another sticking issue is time waste between purchasing goods and receiving the commission. It may take more than two months to receive the actual cashback. There is no doubt that customers want quicker payouts, an easy cashback platforms, and payment methods that are modern.

The solution: DealJoy

The existing platforms use methods that do not protect customers privacy because they use bank transfers, paper checks, and online payment processors such as PayPal to pay their customers. The DealJoy platform allows for a cash back commissions in their Ethereum compatible tokens- Deal tokens. This advantage is that they focus on getting great deals and bonuses for their customers, real incentives you may say, and not the normal wire transfers, as a result needing minimum payout limits and cutting down cash back percentages due to expensive fees for processing.

Cybersecurity, or more precisely the lack of it, is a major problem on the internet today. E-commerce sites record important customer data like name, phone number, address, and bank details. If these sites don’t implement stringent cyber security measures, your data is at risk of falling into the wrong hands who can then wreak havoc on your bank account.  With DealJoy you have immediate cashback payment plus the fact that customers or users can withdraw their Deal tokens any time they so wish. They also can trade the local tokens for other cryptocurrencies. Another unique feature is the use of the blockchain technology which means members do not have to divulge their personal information.

This is an all-in-one dashboard for checking out the best and rewarding cashback-offering merchants. And access is through the web platform and their native Android and iOS apps. The customer is provided with a list of their preferred merchants from which to cut deals and receive tokens for purchases.

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